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100% ESA/ PSD Compliant For California AB 468 Requirements 

America’s Leading Emotional Support & Psychiatric Service Animal Certification Provider

When Our Doctors Say Yes, neither Your Landlord nor the Airlines can say NO! Bring Your Best Friend Everywhere You Want to Go!

American Support Animals provides you with only what you need and we never have any extra charges!


Fly with your pet


Keep Your Pet In Any Housing


FHA and ACAA Compliant


Free Assessments For Disabled American Veterans

What Makes Us Different

Free assessment and certification letter for Disabled American Veterans.

50% off for active military, first responders, & front line workers.

No additional fees charged for airline or homeowner‘s association (HOA) forms.

You will always speak to a Health Professional.

Emotional Support Animal (ESA) & Psychiatric Service Animal (PSD) Letters 

100% Reliable

Our ESA & PSD Letters Comply 100% with Both FHA and ACAA Laws.

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No matter where in the United States you are located we can help you!

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Traveling alone can be stressful, and a home just isn’t a home without your best friend.

We at American Support Animals understand that you require the support, comfort and companionship that your animal provides you; Federal laws state that you don’t have to be without them! That’s why we at American Support Animals are dedicated to helping you secure your ESA / PSD certification. You will be guided through a process that involves a free screening with a licensed therapist. You will also receive personalized attention from a customer support team that is dedicated to successfully completing your certification. We are the #1 Emotional Support / Psychiatric Service Animal Certification Service, and our process is 100% compliant with State and Federal regulations.

What Are Your Legal Rights?

The Air Carrier Access Act 49 U.S.C. 41705, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, 5504, the Department of Transportation “Final Order” 14 C.F.R. Part 382, and Fair Housing Amendments Act of 1988 are the laws that protect an individual and their ESA / PSA.

The Legally Certified Individuals and their ESA or PSA may:

  • Fly – Together in the cabin of an aircraft without being charged a fee.
  • Live – Free of housing regulations that limit size or breed – NO extra fees!
  • Travel – Never again pull up to a Hotel, Restaurant or Park and wonder “Will they allow my animal?” IT’S THE LAW!
  • Participate – Enjoy all that life has to offer with your ESA / PSD at your side to prevent fear and anxiety.

An ESA/PSD Letter from a Licensed Mental Health Professional protects your rights in having your ESA in “no pet policy” or “breed restricted” housing and fly with your ESA in the cabin of a plane for FREE.

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